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WikiFeeds generates syndicated feeds for this wiki.

Available feeds

Feeds are requested using an intuitive URL scheme. All requests take the form of Special:WikiFeeds/format/feed/param1/value1/param2/value2 etc


Feeds ara available in the following formats

  • ATOM 1.0 (format = atom)
  • RSS 2.0 (format = rss)


  • Newest articles (newestarticles) (atom, rss)
  • Recently changed articles (recentarticlechanges) (atom, rss)
  • Recent changes by user (recentuserchanges)
  • Newest articles for a user (newestuserarticles)
  • User watchlist (watchlist)
  • Recent changes for articles in category (recentcategorychanges)
  • Newest articles in category (newestcategoryarticles)


  • user (required for user-related feeds)
  • category (required for category-related feed)
  • count - overrides default item limit

Example requests

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